Hello World!

This is my very 1st post, and honestly, I’m not exactly sure what direction I’m going to be headed in. I’ve had a desire to create this website for years, and honestly, I’ve been battling back and forth about doing it or not. For me, this is the next step towards my future, allowing myself a platform to share my story.

The posts on this website will vary over the next month or two as I’m defining what it is that will make this site my own, and slowly but surely I’ll be and improving on each and every aspect of this site.

Only one day in, and I’ve already been able to learn an incredible amount about myself. I’ve been able to see my curiosity grow, and it’s shed a spotlight on my desire to continue learning and growing. For me, this will be an incredible opportunity for personal improvement, testing my ability to write, challenging my commitment, and reminding me where my heart belongs.

As I write this, I know many people won’t ever see this post, and if they do it won’t be for years, yet to those of you who do, thank you for your support, I hope you’ll continue to follow my story as it transforms and unfolds before me.


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