My Summer Goals:

Going into this summer, I wasn’t exactly sure what I’d be doing… All of my projects had wrapped up, I was cutting back on my hours for work, and I had no clue what my next step should be. Once I completed my work with the HOBY MD & PA West seminars, as well as returned from Greece, I had an open calendar and a full two months of summer left.


With college starting in the fall and high school behind me, I knew this summer would serve as a turning point in my life. Keeping that in mind, I felt it was an opportunity to sit down and pour all my energy into developing myself into who I wanted to be. For me, this summer is going to full of pouring over books, learning new schools, exploring new places and developing myself.

1. Learn to Type:

My first goal, while it may seem peculiar, is to learn how to properly type, and to be able to do so at a rate of 60 words per minute. As a kid, I never learned how to type, and if I sit at the computer I end up just using my two index fingers to do all the work. Going into college and the real world, I know how important it is to be able to take clear and detailed notes; I see being able to properly type and focus more on my work rather than wondering where the “w” key is. Without having to spend a penny, I’m looking to utilize the free version of “TypingClub” to learn this skill. While it may be a bit childish, it isn’t only the most cost effective method, it’s also incredibly effective.

2. Develop a Personal/Professional Website:

With college just around the corner and a completely new world of experiences ahead of me, I think it’ll be a great opportunity both personally and professionally to establish a place to publicize the work and projects I’m doing as well as grow my network. For my personal life and relationships, it’ll allow me a space to record and share my many stories and adventures over the coming years. Professionally it’ll provide an opportunity to send potential clients to gain more information as well as expand my presence online to bring in new clients and partners.

3. Become a Freelance Bookkeeper:

Going to college in August, I want to be able to make sure I have a steady source of income, not only to pay for my education but to begin saving for once I graduate. I have a passion for finance, and becoming a bookkeeper is not only an incredible way to build my insight into business finance and financial planning, it also opens countless doors as I create connections with individuals and businesses that I work with. This isn’t the easiest goal, so I’ve tried to break it up into clearer and more achievable goals as well as create simple steps to achieve them.

  1. Learn and understand the basic principles and practices of accounting.
    1. Read as many textbooks on accounting & financial management as possible;
    2. Take notes on each and every book I read.
  2. Become fully acquainted and proficient with Quickbooks & Microsoft Office.
    1. Acquire the 2017 version of Quickbooks;
    2. Review all of the Quickbooks tutorials available & explore the program and all of its functions;
    3. Begin taking Microsoft Certification courses through the Microsoft Virtual Academy.
  3. Create a professional online space for potential clients to go to.
    1. Create a bookkeeping tab on my website;
    2. Work on creating evaluations and reviews for clients to use after working with them.

4. Improve My Personal Health:

After a year of sitting at a desk for 18 hours a day, it’s definitely taken a hit on my health as well as my overall physique. Within the last year, I’ve gained 25 pounds, and I want to make a clear focus this upcoming year not only to maintain a healthy weight but to continually improve my health. For myself I’m breaking this goal into three specific challenges:

  1. Creating a personal diet focused on natural foods;
  2. Developing a weekly exercise regimen;
  3. Improving and maintaining a healthy sleep schedule.

Creating a Plan of Attack:

With my goals in mind, it’s time for me to get started working to achieve them. As you’ve already deduced, I’ve taken the 1st steps to creating my own website, and I’ve already gone to the library and picked up a collection of books on accounting, bookkeeping & financial management. In addition, I’m going to put my desire to learn to type at the top of my priority list, as I feel it’ll help not only improve the speed of which I write, but allow me to fully concentrate on the material I’m working on.

From this point on it’s time to put the pedal to the floor and get moving before my summer blows by. It’s already July, and I’ve got less than two months before I move off to college and get to work.

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