EVOLVE – Setting the stage for 2018.

To Evolve:

“To change or develop slowly by a process of evolution into a better, more complex, or more advanced state.”

I’ve chosen the word “Evolve” to center 2018 around, to enable myself to create a clear focus and purpose for the year. This year has been a defining year in my life: graduating high school, starting college, finding a company I love, connecting with countless people, traveling the world… the list goes on and on. Yet as the year comes to a close, my focus isn’t backward, it’s forward – 2017 has come and gone, and while the memories will never leave me, my eyes, focus, and imagination are all looking towards the future, to 2018.

When choosing a word for 2018, “Evolve” stuck out to me personally for a number of reasons:

1. A focus on change:

Evolution is defined by its focus to change and transformation. 2017 blessed me with the opportunity to identify numerous areas in my life in which I’d like to see clear change, and in 2018 I look to turn those thoughts into a reality.

2. Process driven change:

Evolution doesn’t look at simply cutting bad habits, or beginning new ones, it’s about creating a process for oneself, to identify points that need change, and being able to slowly and securely grow and transform in a healthy and meaningful way.

3. Development centered:

Evolution centers around long-term fundamental change and development. There’s no focus on short-term changes, but meaningful and impactful growth – recognizing why something is how it is now and taking meaningful steps not only to change a situation but to transform one’s perspective.

As 2018 gets rolling, I look to evolve, not in any one area or one “New Years resolution” but to make a focus on taking the time to evaluate my life, work, habits, and interactions, to create meaningful change towards living the life I desire.

With the new year, look to follow this site, as I’ll be making regular updates, posts, and new pages to share what’s going on in the coming year. I have the greatest appreciation for all the memories I’ve made in 2017, and more importantly for all the people I made them with. 2018 holds endless opportunity, and I cannot wait to see all the memories that I make.

One Reply to “EVOLVE – Setting the stage for 2018.”

  1. I’m always looking forward to your posts and enjoy keeping up with your plans…… the sky is the limit!!!

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