Settling into Port-Au-Prince (Day 1 of 11):

Wake-up call at 3am, two flights, 5 hours of airtime, a four hour layover, and numerous naps – today has truly been the epitome of a travel day.

The University of Maryland’s “Alternative Breaks” program made this trip a reality, titled “Mountains Beyond Mountains: Amplifying Voices through Advocacy” – This Trip will have us dive deeper into the earthquake, as well as how Haiti was before it. We’ll explore the local community, engage in the culture, and have countless conversations, as we connect with the local people. During this experience, we’ll also get to know and work with a number of local foundations/organizations/companies and hear about their work and their journeys, and even do our part in helping with their work.

Since my arrival, it’s been an incredible culture shift from the States, and I think it’ll be best for my experience to not compare/contrast everything here with back home. It’s an absolutely beautiful country, and as I stand out on the patio watching the sun set over the city, I realize how blessed I am to be here.

While I do not know exactly what the next 10 days will hold, Port-Au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, is to be my new home for the next 10 days, and I cannot wait to see what this adventure has in store.

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