Down to the market… (Day 4 of 11):

Today we headed down through Haitian traffic to the local market. If you ever thought 495 was bad, you should come to Port-Au-Prince, the driving conditions is indescribable. When we arrived at the market, we were astonished by what we found. We found dozens of local artisans, pounding away in the hot sun, crafting iron decorations and jewelry. Known for their local skill in metalworking, there shops were packed from floor to ceiling with their pieces, from the size of a ring, to that of a tire. Even more stunning was the local artwork, bright and vivid, you’d stop in your tracks at the quality of it all.

In the evening we were able to meet with Kathryn Adams, one of the founders of LIDE Haiti. Her work with post-trauma psychology has led her around the world, and was what originally brought her to Haiti. After some time and careful consideration, she left the states to start LIDE – an organization dedicated to educating and empowering women within the country of Haiti. To hear how she’s grown her organization, and made sure to keep the people of Haiti at the center of it all was amazing. I’m excited to see if LIDE’s transition to a multi-faceted Executive team will prove fruitful, and it’s definitely an organization I’ll look to for success.

We were also lucky enough to get a chance to speak with Dr. David Fitter, the Country Director for the US CDC’s office in Haiti. An epidemiologist, ex-peace core member, MD – Dr. fitter is an expert on Health Systems, and Disease Prevention. He shared with us his experiences working within Haiti over the last 4 years, and how he’s seen the rate of new HIV, Typhoid, and even Malaria cases decrease since he’s came here. His insight on the current health crisis was eye-opening, and to hear of his work increasing surveillance sites and disease indicators across Haiti was incredible.

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