Getting to Know “Share Hope” (Day 6 of 11)

Share Hope” is an organization that’s truly leading the way not only in Haiti, but the entire garment industry. To get a better idea of what they do, hear directly from them: “Here at ShareHope, we are building a community in Haiti where people have dignified work, fair wages, the chance to learn, access to quality health care, the ability to support their families, and the opportunity and encouragement to pursue their dreams.” They due this by lifting up their employees, challenging them and training them to create more than a simple t-shirt, but high-end clothing. Not only that, they ensure their employees are paid fair wages, and provide a number of health trainings, as well as educational programs to lift up their employees. The “HerHealth” program ensure all their female employees, whether their educated or not, single or married, young or old, are all able to better understand how their health and habits can impact their lives, and the lives of their families. Beyond that, Share Hope has developed a High School Completion Program, allowing for 40 employees every year, to attend class after work every day to prepare them for the National High-School Leaving Exam. Based on the idea that every student should be able to “Finish what you started,” the program has allowed their employees not only to graduate High School, but provide them the opportunity to enroll in a University and continue their education. That’s where we came in – An incredibly important aspect of the Haitian education system is learning English, but very rarely do students have the opportunity to engage with fluent &/or native english speakers. After hearing Share Hope’s story and being able to speak with their founder, we were given the opportunity to sit in on their classes, and speak one on one with all their students. More than anything we experienced, the most impactful part of this experience was simply being able to see these students desire to learn, and to understand. Their questions were thoughtful. and they had incredibly insightful input on both their desires for their own lives, and even more so for their hopes for their country.

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