Back with English in Mind (Day 8 of 11)

We’re back at English in Mind for the day, building on the lessons we started yesterday. This experience challenged my understanding of what “education” looked like, and the importance of being able to turn at a moments notice, and to understand and respond to students ability, and interest. Even more, being able to connect with our students, I realized that often, the best way to connect with another culture, is to simply speak with people. Through English in Mind, two core ideas were solidified for me:

  1. Being a student is a state of mind, it doesn’t matter if your age, gender, nationality, or what your native tongue is, anyone can be a student. The “students” we worked with varied from 19 years old, up to 60 years old, yet all of them had a clear desire to learn, and were willing to put in whatever time and effort it took.
  2. Any experience can be a learning opportunity. This experience was meant to serve as an opportunity for us to teach some of the local members of the community, and help them in their studies in English. Little did we know how our conversations and dialogue would shape not only our understanding of the Haitian education system, but in everyday Haitian life.

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