Wahoo Bay (Day 9 of 11)

Today we took a break from exploring Port-Au-Prince, and teaching English, and took the opportunity to travel up the coast to spend the day at Wahoo Bay. This was meant to be an opportunity to relax, kick-back, and take in the natural beauty that Haiti had to offer. From the rooftops of Port-Au-Prince, glimpses of Haiti’s natural beauty could be seen, and the mountains looked down on the city from almost every side, but the views hidden beyond the city was unbelievable. All along the coast was stunning views of crystal clear waters, with mountains rising up on the other side. When we arrived at Wahoo Bay, we were blown away by the beauty, not only of the resort, but of the water. As we walked down to the beach, we saw luscious vegetation, beautiful flowers, all making the atmosphere even more surreal. The water was incredibly refreshing, and was the clearest I’d ever seen before, having spent so long in Port-Au-Prince, it was incredible to find such a stark parallel to all we’d seen within the city. Beauty paralleled by poverty, a contrast that can’t be seen any clearer than here in Haiti. One of it’s greatest allures is the beauty it hides right behind the surface, and I assure you, if you take the time and step off the beaten path, you’ll be blown away with what you find there.

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