English in Mind (Day 7 of 11)

Today was our first day at “English in Mind,” a local program that enrolls 100 students in a free 5-year English program. The students are a variety of ages, from students in their final year of school, to adults well into their lives. They’re split into three classes for us to work with: Beginner, Intermediate,…

Cite Soleil (Day 3 of 11):

When you imagine a soccer field, what do you see? Thick green grass, freshly painted lines, new goals with fresh nets? In Cite Soleil, that’s far from the reality – try a field of rocks, with rusted out goals and scattered cones for lines. It was a huge shift from everything I’ve ever seen, but…

A Day To Look Back (Day 2 of 11):

The Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien: This morning we were able to explore more of Haiti’s history, as we went to The Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien – it was incredibly humbling, to see all the country has been through. The tour lead us through seven different exhibits, highlighting the original natives of the island,…

Settling into Port-Au-Prince (Day 1 of 11):

Wake-up call at 3am, two flights, 5 hours of airtime, a four hour layover, and numerous naps – today has truly been the epitome of a travel day. The University of Maryland’s “Alternative Breaks” program made this trip a reality, titled “Mountains Beyond Mountains: Amplifying Voices through Advocacy” – This Trip will have us dive…

The Boy in Cargo Shorts – My Stuco Story

“Throughout my time in student council, countless hands have been shaken, stories heard, smiles shared, memories have been made, and lessons have been learned, but most importantly, a true love for service has been created.”

My Summer Goals:

With summer under-way, dive in and take a look at my goals for the rest of summer.

Hello World!

“For me, this is the next step towards my future, allowing myself a platform to share my story.”