The Boy in Cargo Shorts – My Stuco Story

“Throughout my time in student council, countless hands have been shaken, stories heard, smiles shared, memories have been made, and lessons have been learned, but most importantly, a true love for service has been created.”

Bringing a Light to Athens

My time in Athens transformed not only the way I look at the world, but my own ideas on the refugee crisis and evangelism. Little did I know that all it took to change someone’s life was to simply hope on a plane.

“The World Is Your Oyster”

Reflecting on my week looking “50 Forward” alongside the Chesapeake Bay Foundation as we explored the history, importance, and impact of the Eastern Oyster in the Chesapeake Bay.

Hiking Maryland Heights

“From start to finish, this hike hit me like a ton of bricks. It took about two and half hours, and I ended up crossing six and a half (6.5) miles with an elevation gain of just over 1,600ft.”

My Summer Goals:

With summer under-way, dive in and take a look at my goals for the rest of summer.

Hello World!

“For me, this is the next step towards my future, allowing myself a platform to share my story.”