Every Locker, LLC

Launched in 2017, Every Locker is working with schools to help design and perfect their brand, as well as streamlining their in-school distribution. Every Locker was designed around schools, offering a wide variety of products and services to help build their brand as well as school spirit.

Our Services:

  • Screen-Printing:
    • We can take your idea and put it right onto a variety of clothing and promotional products, including but not limited to: t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts and even sweatpants.
  • Graphic Design:
    • Need your logo re-done? Let us know and we can have our graphic design team not only revamp your logo but ensure it’s exactly the way you imagined.
  • Online Sales & Orders:
    • Many schools are limited to paper order forms and direct sales at sports games or a school store. We’ll work with you to create an online marketplace designed around your school, where any and all of your: sports, clubs, and groups will be able to upload their designs and share them with the community in order to collect orders, and even utilize it as a year-long fundraiser. Community members will even be able to go online and order directly to their house.
  • Whole-Sale T-Shirt Orders:
    • While some of our systems were designed around schools, our services are available for any and all: events, groups or companies. We’re able to take your design and have your products back to you in no time.

With such a wide variety of products and services, and with such an amazing team behind it I’m incredibly excited to have joined the Every Locker team as a Sales Rep. and I’m looking forward to sharing their incredible work.

If you’re interested in placing an order with us please complete the form below:

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