Since 1958, The Hugh O’Bryan Youth Leadership Foundation (HOBY) has been shaping the lives of the next generation. Their programs center around high school sophomores and are meant to empower them to make a difference not only in their local community but the globe. With a focus on encouraging volunteerism and teaching compassionate leadership, HOBY’s creating the next generation of leaders. With over 70 local seminars, and a multitude of global programs, HOBY has amassed over 450,000 alumni, who’ve logged over 4 million hours of service in their local communities, and their impact is growing each and every year.

In 2015 I was given the honor of attending the Maryland Leadership Seminar (HOBY MD), as an ambassador from Urbana High School. Going into it I wasn’t really sure what I was getting into, but by the time I left my life was changed for good. HOBY offered me the sense of belonging I’d always been looking for and allowed me to identify my own passions while providing me with countless resources and a wealth of information. Since my seminar, I’ve had the privilege of attending HOBY’s World Leadership Congress in 2015, as well as the Advanced Leadership Academy (ALA) in 2016. Each year I’ve committed to giving back to the organization that has helped me so much, serving on HOBY MD’s Recruitment Team, as well as coming back as a member of the Team Alumni (TA). As a member of the Team Alumni, I’ve served as both the Talent Show Coordinator, as well as the Assistant to the TA Director(s). This year I was even able to head up to William & Jefferson College, to be the Junior Facilitator for the Blue Group at the Pennsylvania West (HOBY PA West) Seminar.

This year I’ve decided to take the next step in my HOBY Journey, and am looking to take more of a role in my local seminar of HOBY MD, as well as in HOBY PA West. As I’m taking on more projects and responsibilities with HOBY, I’ll do my best to upload them and attach a link to each of them below:

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