Sonder Innovations, LLC

Beginning in January 2018, Sonder Innovations is a multi-faceted education management company, dedicated to reimagining what school systems can be. As a company, we keep innovation as a cornerstone for all of our work, keeping both our eyes and ears open, utilizing and implementing the best ideas we can find. In everything we do, we focus on developing long-term solutions, and are currently working on a variety of projects focused on the development of a centralized and streamlined administrative platform.

Our initial project is an iOS mobile application, intended to redefine the way communication happens in school systems. This program will look to provide a centralized outlet for school systems to connect with not only their students, but all of their stakeholders (students, parents, teachers, & community members). We’ll look to take a new perspective as we develop our platform, making an effort to establish a clear community amongst the entirety of the school, not simply the classroom.

As we look to develop and expand our program, we hope to offer a variety of services:

    • Academic Departments
    • Anonymous Suggestion Box/Form
    • Bus/Transportation Info
    • Consolidation of Online Resources
    • Log/Track/Verify Service Hours
    • Manage Counseling Services
    • Manage Student Organizations
    • School Newspaper
    • School-Wide Calendar
    • Virtual School Store

While we’re currently in a building season, identifying a variety of grants and other funding sources, bringing on initial developers, and developing our connection with local schools, we’re making great strides each and every day. With that said, we’re incredibly excited to partner with College Park Academy as our initial pilot school, and cannot wait to work with them moving forward as we develop our program.

Currently working with the University of Maryland’s Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship through their HATCH accelerator program, we’re doing everything we can to set ourselves up for long-term success. Be sure to follow our journey as we launch ahead, both online at or on social media @SonderInnov.

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