Upcoming Podcast

While the name and logo are still under consideration, I’m happy to announce I’ll be looking to launch the beginning of a podcast series by the end of 2018. This podcast will be centered around:

  • Bringing thought leaders in the field of education together.
  • Informing audiences about current issues and debates in education.
  • Looking to paint a clear picture of what our education system looks like now, the issues it faces, and where it can go.
  • Engaging all stakeholders in the education system (students, parents, teachers, admin, etc.)

We’ll look to take a critical dive into various topics currently being discussed in the K-12 education space, including but not limited to:

Blended Learning

Charter Schools Class Size Common-Core


De-Segregation DREAM Act Duel Enrollment
Funding Home Schooling No Child Left Behind

Sex Education

Standardized Testing STEAM vs. STEM Student Member(s) of the Board of Education

Zero Tolerance Policies

While we may look to cover a wide variety of topics, our focus will always be on the K-12 education system, and we’ll look to ensure each and every episode not only clearly paints a picture of the problem, but looks to find a solution.


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